Industrial Keynote Speakers

Gang DONG (董罡)

Gang DONG (董罡) graduated from the Ocean University of China with Computer Science and Technology major, and obtained MBA from University of International Business and Economics and EMBA from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management. He has over 20 years of experience in large high-tech corporation consulting, technology management, operation management, strategic planning, and investment, merger and acquisition, and capital management. He has served high-level management positions in several large high-tech corporations in the management software and industrial Internet industries.

Wanzhong HUANG (黄万忠)

Wanzhong HUANG (黄万忠) is currently the CDO of Digital China Information Service Company Ltd. (神州信息), the president of the Shangdi Big Data Research Institute of Digital China (神州数码上地大数据研究院), and the Vice Chairman of DAMA China (国际数据管理协会). Prior to that, he was the CDO of BBD (数联铭品), the professional service partner of Teradata for the western region of greater China, and the head of data governance of Teradata for the Greater China region.

Wanzhong HUANG was the winner the 2021 DQMIS Data Quality Outstanding Expert Award and the 2019 Chengdu Talent Award in Real and Economy New Economy. He led or participated in a number of research projects organized by regulatory authorities, and the translation of a number of books including DMBOK2 Data Management Knowledge System Guide 《DMBOK2数据管理知识体系指南》, Navigating the Labyrinth 《穿越数据的迷宫》, How Blockchain Changes the Rules of the Game 《区块链如何改变游戏规则》, The Unified Star Schema, Building the Data Lakehouse, and The CDO Journey. He also led the writing and editing of Digital Transformation: The Data Governance Practice of the Financial Industry 《数字化转型之金融行业数据治理实践》and A Brief Introdution to Data Assets Inventory《漫话数据资产盘点》.

Wanzhong HUANG has worked in the data industry for almost 20 years with extensive experience in R&D, consultation and project management. He has dedicated to consultation services and technical solutions related to data governance, data warehouse, big data platform, data assets, precision marketing, and data analytics and mining.

Yongtian YU

Yu Yongtian, Secretary general of Zhiwei Research Institute, PhD in Information Management of HIT, postdoctoral fellow of Peking University HSBC.His research interests include the prediction of enterprise’s risk event propagation;effect of corporate crisis response;social media ideology mining;public opinion evaluation of social media policies,etc.